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Thread: What is the difference between C & C#

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    What is the difference between C & C#

    Hello friends,

    I am a webmaster and i want to know that what is the difference between C & C#


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    C is a structure programming language and C# is the script language for .NET framework.


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    C# is very Close to java and is latest version of C - Full object oriented code similar the style of C/C++ code.
    C is a Programming language and No supported to Objects . In C Struct are Used .

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    C and C# both are very useful language. C is knows as structure programming language that used for create software development. C# is known as scripting language that used for create web development. It is useful for .net framework.

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    C is a middle level language because it stands in between High level language and Low level language.Programs written in C are efficient and fast.It is used in structured programming.
    C++ is derived from the C language.C++ uses compile-time binding which means that the programmer must specify the specific class of an object.C++ programs are fast and efficient, qualities which helped to make C an extremely popular programming language.

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    C: an older programming language that is described as Hands-on. As the programmer you must tell the program to do everything. Also this language will let you do almost anything. It does not support object orriented code.
    C# : Full object orriented code resembling the style of C/C++ code. This is really closer to JAVA. C# is the latest version of the C style languages and is very good for developing web applications.

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